Diesel Global has developed a Consolidation Network in USA, Mexico, and Canada to service Manufacturers, Distributers, and the Aftermarket.  We operate strategically located facilities to allow us to Optimize our Customer’s schedules, trailers, border operations, transit, and overall costs.  

Reduce Damages

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With our processes and network, you will experience fewer touches and defined loading by Shipper/Customer to eliminate damages.

Dedicated and Shared Linehauls

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Most clients prefer to have dedicated loads, optimized by schedules and consolidation center selection, to reduce
transit and handling at the border.  Clients that do not have this volume or schedule stability, can work with our
Shared Network and still receive the same process.

Facilities Network

Chicago IL

Cleveland OH

Detroit MI

Greenville SC

Indianapolis IN

Mississauga ON

El Paso TX

Laredo TX

Guadalajara JAL

Hermosillo SON

Mexico City, EM

Monterrey NL

Puebla PUE

Queretaro QUE

Ramos Arizpe CU

San Luis Potosi SLP

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Logistics Post Trailers

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A large stack of metal boxes in a storage container.

We support a fleet of load bars between our Centers and the Borders.
We also provide a process to utilize to our Clients locations.

Loading Software

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Actual Load for Clients

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A drawing of a box with many colored cubes.

After Diesel Global Consolidation

Diesel Global provides reviews of our client’s trailers to demonstrate performance and provide analysis.

Customs Broker and Cross Border Operations

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A man on the phone and looking at his laptop.
A large white truck parked in front of a building.
A warehouse with boxes and lights in the background.

Diesel Global provides processes to support a Customs Validation in select USA Centers to avoid unloading/reloading at the Border. 
We partner with our Client’s internal or contracted Mexican Brokers and perform the US Entries ourselves.
Many clients experience reduced overall Customs Clearance costs for handling and reduced transits.
This process also allows Diesel Global to maximize the utilization of the Trailers.

Are You Interested in
Mexico & USA Consolidation?

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Mexico Consolidation
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USA Consolidation
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Ground Transportation
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